Building Operational Management

Currently provide services to office, medical and retail facilities. Most of our clients have been under contract since we established our company in June 1996.

Facility Operational Management entails working directly with the owner or property manager. We assist in developing a plan for each property that will achieve the best overall efficiency in maintaining the integrity and achieving the cost of operation within a given budget.

We became a Level 2 Certified Infrared Thermographer in September 2014 from Infraspection Institute located in New Jersey. This allows us to better troubleshoot issues within a facility that otherwise would not be located without exhaustive time and associated cost.

It is a proven fact that we should all stay within our core competency of skill sets. We have over 32 years of experience in the direct repair of all facets within a facility. Unfortunately, many owners of facilities are misled into repairs and projects that mostly benefit the service companies. Our philosophy is to make repairs and recommendations that not only work, but are based on the long term approach as if it was our own.

We will help you, the building owner/manager to realize the best solutions, while enhancing the value, assets, and integrity of your facility.